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Q: What if I don’t pay my rent on time?

A: Your rent is due by the first of the month. Rent is due on the first, if not paid by 5p.m. on the third, and eviction processes begin on the fourth. Late fees are  as follows: Tenant agrees to pay a 10% (of your monthly rent) late fee  for any payments not RECEIVED by the Landlord on or before the third  (3rd) day of the month) NO Exceptions plus $5.00 a day every day after that. Tenant understands that if payment is not received, by US mail at the designated address on or before the 3rd day of the month, a 5-day notice will be issued. If the rent is not received by the expiration of the 5-day notice, an eviction will be processed. The landlord will not pick up payments at the premise. The Tenant agrees to pay for all costs involved in the eviction process, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees. REMEMBER THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO PAY THE  RENT ON TIME. IT IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT OBLIGATION.


Q: What is the process of moving out?

A: Call our offices and let us know as soon as you are sure that you are going to need to move. We will send you a “Moving  Out Package” consisting of the following: RECEIPT OF TENANT’S  NOTICE TO VACATE, MOVE OUT INSTRUCTIONS, AND PROCEDURES. Refer to the “Tenant Policies” page. These forms will give you a good idea of what to expect.


Q: How long after I vacate will I get my security deposit back?

A: First know that to get your full security deposit back, you must follow the Move Out Instructions that would be sent to you after you give the notice to vacate. Also, anything that needs repair may be deducted from the full amount. Remember, we only expect you to return your home in the same condition as when you moved in. Your security deposit balance and a disposition of deposit letter will be mailed to the forwarding address you provide within 14 business days after your Move-out Inspection has been completed.


Q: What if I want to get a pet?

A: Probably this too is not a problem, UNLESS THE  LEASE SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS PETS. However, you must follow the rules.  The first rule is that some breeds of dogs are prohibited. See your rental handbook concerning what breeds of dogs are not allowed. If you obtain a pet on the prohibited list, this is immediate grounds for eviction, so don’t do it. Next, you must contact the Landlord to add the pet to the lease and pay an animal deposit.


Q: What if I have bugs?

A: You have two choices. Either hire a pest company to provide routine extermination for you OR do the routine extermination services yourself. Note that Sierra Vista realty does not provide pest control.


Q: So how clean do you want to place to be?

A: Ideally we would like your home to be the nicest place on the block. Realistically, however, we want you to keep all outside areas and hallways clean, uncluttered and broom swept. All walks, yards, driveways, and parking areas are to be kept free and clear of all personal property, such as toys, bicycles, buggies, motorcycles,  etc. The tenant must keep the yard mowed, and edges and weeds pulled to maintain the outward appearance of the property. The yard, trees, and shrubs must be maintained regularly, either by the Tenant or by a  service hired by Tenant, or the Landlord will have the landscaping at the Tenant’s expense.


Q: What about parking or working on my car?

A: Other than changing a tire, NO CAR REPAIRS OR  DISMANTLING IS ALLOWED, NOR SHALL INOPERATIVE VEHICLES, INCLUDING THOSE  WITH FLAT TIRES ARE TO BE PARKED ON THE PREMISES. Oil and gas spills will be cleaned up at the Tenant’s expense. The Landlord has the right to request the Tenant to move vehicles to avoid hazards with lawn mowing or any other maintenance activity if such maintenance is provided by the Landlord/Owner. NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. No mobile homes, trucks,  campers, boats, trailers, or other recreational vehicles are to be parked on the premises unless by prior written permission of the  Landlord.


Q: Will the Landlord drop in on me unannounced?

A: No. What may happen is that the Landlord will want to perform routine maintenance on the house to keep it in good working order. If this were to occur, Sierra Vista Realty would send you a PROPERTY INSPECTION/ROUTINE MAINTENANCE letter, informing you of when to expect the Landlord or affiliated contractors to perform the work.  If such work is required inside the home, the Landlord or affiliated contractors will set a time with you to do such work. No work would be performed inside your home without you being present or having your permission to enter.


Q: What if I have an emergency?

A: Again remember, while this is a house, it is your home. In case of emergencies, call the emergency service number,  227-6694, leaving your name, your address, and a brief description of the emergency, along with your phone number. Please speak slowly,  clearly, and say your number twice.


Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Answers to most of your questions are contained in the Rental Lease Agreement and your Tenant handbook. Read through these documents first, and if you do not find your answer there, then by all means please give us a call.


Q: Can I use my security deposit for the last months rent?

A: No. If you don’t pay your last month’s rent,  legal action will begin on the 4th day of the month, just like any other month. Even if you move out without having done any damage to your dwelling, you might still have a judgment entered against you. That is strictly a security deposit.


Q: What if I send the Landlord a bad check?

A: Several things. First, your rent is now late (see  above for what happens if you don’t pay your rent on time). Realize of  course that “passing a bad check” is against the law. In the event  Tenant’s check is returned for any reason, a $35 returned check charge  will apply, AND the late charge as stated herein. Returned checks must  be redeemed by CASHIER’S CHECK, CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER. The  SECOND TIME a check is returned, Tenant agrees to pay all future rents  and charges in the form of CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED  CHECK. If the Tenant’s rent is past due and the landlord exercises  his/her legal right to seek a judgment against the Tenant in court.


Q: Can I hang up pictures?

A: You may hang pictures however you will be  responsible for filling ALL nail holes (and any other holes or wall  damage) and touching up the paint (paint is not supplied and may require  you to have a paint chip matched for touch up painting). We  highly recommend “Command Strip” hangers that do not cause damage to the  walls. The bottom line is that you legally have to return the premises  in the same condition as they were when you moved in so if you’re going  to be hanging a ton of pictures using nails or putting in big anchor  bolts you’ll not only have to remove them and fill in the holes when you  leave but also sand and paint the patches – and, if the paint patching  doesn’t blend in correctly you’ll be liable for the costs associated  with the repairs. 


Q: What if I want to get a roommate?

A: Not a problem. However, you must follow the rules.  Your home has a maximum number of people who can live there. Only people listed on your lease may occupy your home. All adult persons MUST  complete a credit application that includes criminal background checks,  and they must be approved by Landlord BEFORE (not after) they are allowed to move in. The new occupant will be added to the lease, but remember that EVERYONE is responsible for paying the rent. Consequently, if the rent is not paid, EVERYONE will be evicted, and  EVERYONE will have the event recorded in their credit history.


Q: What if something breaks?

A: Remember first that this is your home. So if something minor breaks, then fix it yourself. If something major breaks,  then by all means contact the Landlord. Remember that should any damage to the property, including but not limited to broken windows, fixtures,  plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, or appliances, beyond normal wear and tear, be caused by Tenant, occupants, family members, guests, or other persons related to or affiliated in any way with Tenant, Tenant agrees to reimburse Landlord for costs of such repairs within FIFTEEN  (15) days of repairs being completed, or at the time of the next rental payment, whichever comes first.


Q: Can I have a party?

A: Of course! However, it is recommended that your activities be kept in moderation, and it is also recommended that you speak with your neighbors before you have your party. Remember they have our telephone number too. Also, remember that any excessive traffic or frequent guests or visitors in and out of the dwelling is considered a  violation of this lease. Complaints from neighbors, other tenants,  police, city officials, or anyone else about noise, late night (after  10:00 pm) activities, or any other nuisances are considered a violation of your lease. If the premises are a condominium unit or a single-family home in a deed-restricted neighborhood, the Tenant agrees to abide by the HOA Rules, Regulations, and/or Declaration of HOA or the Association covenants and agrees to pay for copies of said Declaration if desired but in any event, may read the Declaration at the office of the Landlord during the Landlord’s office hours, provided reasonable notice is given  Landlord by Tenant for such reading. Also remember that you, occupants,  guests, family members, or other persons related to or affiliated with you shall not engage in any unlawful activity. If any of these parties violate this provision, the Tenant shall be subject to termination of lease and eviction.


Q: Can I paint the walls or put up wallpaper?

A: No (except for touching up nail holes when you move). We cannot allow you to paint, wallpaper, alter, remodel,  or structurally change any part of the property, nor remove any fixtures from there. However, you can ask, and in some situations, we may be able to make arrangements between yourself and Sierra Vista Realty for a particular project. In this situation, your request is all the more likely if you are an excellent tenant!


Q: What if I mess up and do something in violation of the lease agreement?

A: You will receive a written notice explaining the violation and prescribed number of days to comply OR the property manager will fix the violation and bill you, the tenant, with the amount due on receipt (not rolled into the following rent) OR if the violation is egregious, the process of eviction will begin. Example of reasons why you may receive such a written notice includes parking vehicles on the lawn; grass/shrubs not cut; garbage in the yard; garbage cans not picked up;  unauthorized and/or vicious animals; and parties and/or loud music,  among other issues. If you get such written notice, then we recommend that you take IMMEDIATE ACTION to correct the problem.


Q: Does my lease automatically renew?

A: Your lease automatically converts to a month-to-month lease if you do not give a 30-day30-day notice to vacate before the end of your lease. You are required to give a 30-day of intent to vacate at the end of your lease or if you are on a month-to-month lease.


Q: Will I get my deposit back?

A: We hope so! We want you to move out with all rent and fees paid, and leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in, except for everyday wear and tear. That’s all you have to do to get a full refund of your security deposit.

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